Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday? What to do for Thursday? Thursday (random) Thoughts?

I'm sitting here in the computer lab at school, at 9am, because my 9am class was canceled. Great. I don't find that out until I'm waiting outside the door for the professor and I see a "class is canceled" sign. My next class isn't until 10:30am. Wonderful. Great. Fabulous. I could have stayed in bed another hour!

Why do teenagers want nothing to do with you until they need a ride somewhere or spending money or need you to make them dinner? My daughter is 17. Recently she has started the "I'm 17, I'll do what I want" "I'm 17, I make my own appointments on my own time" "I'm 17, you can't tell me what to do anymore"?? I feel like telling her "Your 17, make your own dinner" "Your 17, go take a bus" "Your 17, you want money? Go get a job" "Your 17, rent is due, where is your portion?"

Why are the slooooooooooow, drivers always in front of me when I am late for class??

Why are the slooooooooow people always in front of me, in line at the store, when I'm late picking up my kids? Then why do they always say "oh, I forgot (fill in the blank)" and then run from the counter to go get whatever the hell they forgot, while I am standing there, running late, waiting for them to get back and pay for their shit so I can get out of there! I felt like just dropping the shit on the counter and walking out. Yes, I have done that before.

Why is it that teenagers in my day could walk 40 miles to & from school, in the rain, snow, sleet, wind; during a blizzard, thunderstorm and all uphill both ways but teenagers these days can't walk 1/2 mile to school in the bright sunshine??

Why does it seem like the entire cupboard full of dishes is always in the sink dirty when none of us have ate anything??

Why, everytime when I'm running late (always) and in a super-hurry; our dog takes FOREVER to pee?? He turns around 20 million times before lifting his leg. Really? I wanna yell at him: "Does it matter what leg you lift!!" "Why do you have to turn around and around and around and around??" Ahhhhhh!!

Why is it when I am trying to study for school, one of my cats always chooses to lay right on top of my textbook when they have the entire house and patio to lay around?? Why do they ALWAYS have to choose that spot?? Ahhhhhhh!!!! again.

66 minutes until class. Yippee - now what?

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  1. Ugh, don't get me started on teenagers.
    I hate the slow people in line at stores, too. I want to pick them up and toss them away so I can get my crap and get out. lol