Thursday, April 22, 2010

I got a phone call from my daughter yesterday during English class. Its NEVER a good thing when my daughter CALLS me during class. Normally we text each other all day long while we are both at school (one of these days I'M going to get called to HER principals office for texting her in class!) but when she calls me ~ I know its NOT good news! So, I took my phone and sneaked out of class to see what she did this time. "Mom, I'm suspended". See ~ I told you it was never good...but wait for it..."...for telling the PRINCIPAL to fuck off". Yes ~ you heard me right. The last time she called me during class she was at the grocery store by her school and they needed me to leave class to pick her up because she was caught shoplifting. Its never boring with this girl. So, what kind of jail-time does telling the principal to "fuck off" get you? A two-day suspension. Honestly, I thought it would be longer. But, getting to miss two days of school for cussing at the principal seems like a vacation to me. I think two days of in-school detention would be more appropriate. When are schools going to realize that suspending kids is NOT punishing them? Make them sit in a classroom all day, with no talking and whatever else meanish rules you can set ~ I bet that will work! So...WHY did Raye tell her principal to fuck off? Thats a blog for later, I have to go to school. SOME of us are NOT suspended! Have a great day guys!!


  1. You're right about the suspension thing. It's just a vacation for the kids. They don't learn from it.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I have to agree with you on this. Getting two days off of school is probably what she wanted.