Saturday, April 10, 2010

Here Comes The Bride...

Okay ~ they say 3 times is the charm right? This is my 3rd time trying to post this story so here we go ~ TAKE 3...

The following post is a comment I left on Mejis' blog in response to her latest post. Just to bring everyone up to speed and give a preview of my next blog entry:

The ~ I-Just-Got-Married-For-The-FIFTH-Time-But-Instead-Of-Celebrating-With-My-FIFTH-Husband-I-First-Need-To-Swing-By-My-ExBoyfriend/OldestSonsDad/ExBoyfriend'sWife's-House-So-I-Can-Show-Off-My-Wedding-Dress-At-Midnight ~ Story.

"Well now I'm really confused! Let me see if I can get this straight: My man's ex, Mejis' man's ex and Wikked Wit's man's ex (did I get that all right?) are really the SAME person? Well, that would explain a lot actually ~ like the freaky mood swings, compulsive lying, obsession with my role in my man's life, obsession with my in-law's and need to be "liked" better than me by them, "show-offishness" (from the Taaurus dictionary: you know ~ the going out of their way to make sure you know what they're doing, what they bought, what they have even though you could really GIVE A SHIT). It must be very tiring trying to make sure all 3 of us knows everything about her! Hey ~ has your guys' guy's ex been married ELEVEN times too? Or how about shown up at your door, at midnight, the night of her 5th wedding, in her wedding dress, proceeded to start a verbal (almost physical but her and her wedding dress yelled their way back to her car and my man held me back)fight, in front of her son/my stepson and then drive off with her wedding dress dragging on the ground because she shut the car door on it? Sound hilarious? IT WAS. I think that will be my next story and boy do I have a million of them!"
April 10, 2010 2:58 AM


  1. you better throw in my ex asshole too lol

  2. mine is working on his fourth...or so i hear he is dating again? course i am lucky that he new woman could give a ferets anus...but my ex sister in law is getting on my last nerve. Hadn't heard from her in about 4 yrs and now out of the blue she wants to do all these things with her nieces? wth

  3. hahaha...psycho chick must've divided and multiplied...they're everywhere...mine's ex always posts what a wonderful, bestest hubby she has... I waonder if he knows how often she tries to friend up P on FB. When she requested me, she made it a point to say, "Im happily married and dont worry Im not after your man." As if.

  4. My hubby's psycho-ex (gimme time & I will think of a great appropriate name for her to be hereafter referred by) never stopped going after my hubby (a great name for him to be hereafter referred to will come in time also). She was so obsessed with him (and me) that she openly claimed all 3 of her kids were his at one time or another. The oldest, Jordan, IS his (and mine) but her younger two? For that to happen she would have had to steal & store his semen for YEARS and then impregnated herself with his sperm-less semen because I had him snipped! I think his failure to marry her, thus being the ONLY guy in the world who hasn't, traumatized her so much that it left her completely delusional. I'm convinced that is the case.