Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well, I don't know what everyone in blogville blogs about on Thursdays so I am creating my very own: "Thankful Thursday". So, here's my story:

Out of my 9 loyal readers so far ~ who out there has fought or known someone who's fought Social Security and WON?? I thought something like that was an impossibility. A rumor. Myth. Old Wives Tale. An feat that could NEVER be done. Only I just did.  I still can't believe it and its been two weeks. Lil' ol' me. Its like a  "David and Goliath" story.

Okay, it wasn't exactly all me. I had help from a wonderful 25% costing attorney. It wasn't actually for me either. I was fighting for my son. Social Security took his benefits away FOUR YEARS AGO stating he was "cured"or some such nonsense. I hadn't exactly been living under a rock but when did they discover a CURE for autism? Yeah, that's what the Judge said too. The crappiest part of this story was that SS went all "your autism is cured so you don't get anymore benefits" at the EXACT month DBD and I went splitsville. Of course they did. The very bestest part of this story is that SS OWES my son and me FOUR YEARS of back payments - PLUS current payments. I honestly feel like our guardian angel has actually been paying attention this past year. Thats awesome since I was starting to think he'd/she'd went on permanent vacation.

I'm still kind of in shock. I really didn't think this could be done. I just figured all the steps in the fight were just for show. That they were just pretending to give you hope. Everything my kids have gone without for four years while DBD partied, gambled and drank away their child support. Every time we've just made do with what we had while DBD bought ATV's, a new motorcycle and took vacations. No more. No more worrying about Dakota's and Raye's college. Dakota can finally get the braces he's been waiting for for over 2 years because DBD wouldn't help me pay for them. Raye can get a car for her senior year. And since DBD and I are legally divorced; he can't touch it. But, if he finds out about it ~ he'll think of even more creative ways to be a DB; so I have to make sure he never knows by not telling anyone. But I HAVE to tell someone! So, I'm blogging about it. 

I know this blog might sound braggish but its not. Really its not. I'm just so grateful and appreciative and happy. I just needed to share the news with someone and I can't share it with anyone in my "real" life so I'm sharing it with you. Of course, we have to be patient and wait out the "process" and the "paperwork". Does anyone know how long that takes? 

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