Monday, April 26, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

I haven't written anything so far about my little-big brother Ken. Little cuz he's seven years younger. Big cuz he's 6foot4. We haven't spoken to each other in almost two years and its been very hard on our mom. Ken is a hard person to get along with, I love him but was very exhausting always having to watch what I said or did so that he wouldn't get mad and disown you for a week, month, two years. My parents permanently separated a few months ago. My mom kicked  my stepdad out and our family disowned him. Let's just say my ex-stepdad really messed up. So, my mom's been all "we're all we have" and "can't we just all get along" for months. I guess my brother realized how wrong and difficult of a person he can be because he started going to church and yesterday, he was baptized. Ken sent me an invitation through our Mom telling me he really wanted me to be there. After not speaking for two years. I tossed it around for days whether I should go or not and in the end, even though I had to be up at an insane hour on a Sunday morning, I went.

I have realized that I have written many times that I would finish a story later and I never have!! Welcome to the hectic, scatter-brained life of a college student/single mom. I will try to get better at that and I say this because I have to do it again. I have a meeting with Raye's dean at school about the little "fuck off principal" incident, so I have to get going.

Oh, can tell I'm a Vegas girl (I lived in Vegas for 20 years before moving back home a few years ago) I sat down on the pews at the church and there were papers and pencils in the back on the pew in front of me and big screen TV's on the walls and I grabbed the papers and said "Look! They have Keno!". If that wasn't bad enough, my mom made fun of me and said "the girls with the drinks will be coming by in a minute" and I'm all "Where??"

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