Friday, April 30, 2010

My Darling Raye

Dear Blogland,

My daughter is 17 and just broke up with her boyfriend of 6 months. I guess he was the breaker-uper; I’m not sure since I think they've broken up 20 times in the last week. But now her world is over. She’s crying her eyes out - that anxiety cry where you hyperventilate. And there isn’t anything I can do. She won’t talk to me. She won’t let me comfort her. Its the worst feeling in the world to have your child crying so hard she can't breath, right in front on you, and she won't let you hold her and there isn't anything you can do. Anyone out there in blogland have any advice??

Then I guess after her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/boyfriend/ex-boyfriend left, he went and got wasted, punched a window and then broke his collar bone trying to ride his dirt bike drunk. He said he did that because she was “mad” at him. Why to teenagers always over-react? They used to be so cute together. He just turned 19 but I swear he does not look a day over 12. (Yes. I said TWELVE). I made him show me his drivers license because I didn't believe him. He has never even shaved and Raye was his very first girlfriend. But, Raye has an anger problem, as you all know, and blew up in front of him (not AT him; IN FRONT OF him) (threw her cell phone across the cafeteria; yep, it broke) and he got tired (or scared of!) it and broke up with her for a minute. Then she did it again (yelled at the principal to “fuck off”) and he did it again. Now I don’t know what they are doing and I don’t think they know either! At least the kid got Raye to agree to go to anger-management. That’s more than I could do! But then he goes all window-punching? And Raye has the anger problem?? I just don't know what to do. She has missed about 5 days from school in the last 2 weeks because she either is so upset that she can't go or she gets so upset at school she has to come home early. I told her last night that school is more important than Blue and she is not missing any more school! She said that's what DBD (well she didn't say "DBD"; she said "dad" but, well, you know...) said too. Well, for once I can agree with DBD (I guess I should write the date down because I'm willing to bet it will never happen again!).

I guess Blue breaking his collar-bone cheered Raye up because she was feeling better after that. That's my little sadist girl that I love! I don't really care the reason she was feeling better because now I can feel better and she's not bawling her eyes out. She felt so much better that she went out with friends and didn't get home until 3am. Why do I  know that? Did she wake me up with her key in the door? Maybe switching on a light switch? No. She woke me up via my cell phone saying "Mom, I'm reading to go home can you pick me up?" Yeah. Little Miss "I'm 17 and I make my own decisions and do what I want" needed a ride home from Mommy at 3am. 

Okay ~ off to class I go. Everyone have a great weekend!

The Girl Creative


  1. Hi I'm visiting from New Friend Friday. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's teenage angst. I remember what it was like to be that age. The raging hormones, the exaggerated emotions, it's tough for her and for you. Sit down, have a cup of tea and take a deep sigh. One day it will be over and the two of you will be great friends.

    Susan and Bentley

  2. I have no advice because I don't have teenagers. Sorry, from everything I hear I think parenting teens is the hardest! Hang in there!