Monday, July 26, 2010



So, my son found this site ROCKBANDPARTS.COM in May and it was advertising RockBand 2 drumsets for $24.99 each. Sounds great yeah? So, since Dakota literally destroys a set every 4 months or so cuz he's fucking, brilliantly insane on the drums - I ordered him 2 sets on May 18th. I then proceeded to NOT HEAR OR RECEIVE ANYTHING from ROCKBANDPARTS.COM except - FOUR TIMES over the next 2 months I received auto-generated emails thanking me for my purchase and informing me that the drumsets would be shipped within 24-48 hours after my purchase. I received these emails up to TWO MONTHS AFTER I had made my purchase. All my email contact to ROCKBANDPARTS.COMwent unanswered. No drums were ever received. Thankfully, I paid via Paypal. I was able to file a dispute to which ROCKBANDPARTS.COM then proceeded to refuse to repond to Paypal's contact as well. So, I escalated my dispute to a claim and, big shocker, ROCKBANDPARTS.COM still refused to respond to Paypal's contact. SOOOOO - after two months of getting sporadic auto-generated email, waiting for paid-for drumsets that were never to come and waiting thru Paypal's steps - Paypal finally refunded my money last week and I STILL have not received ANY response from ROCKBANDPARTS.COM and surprisingly, my not-so-nice "testimonial" I sent for this link on their website:
(Yeah - they actually have the picture above listed on their site)
was NEVER published. SHOCKER!! I wonder how many other unhappy customers didn't get their comments published either? I wonder just how many published comments were actually from REAL customers? So here is a WARNING to everyone out there who is tempted to purchase anything from ROCKBANDPARTS.COMDO NOT - I REPEAT - DO NOT ORDER/BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE!!!!

(credit to mykidsmightbemartians for giving me the idea to PROMOTE this site on my blog - Thx Sissy!)

Friday, July 23, 2010


Okay, so my last blog entry was about 5 year ago so I thought I'd jump back in and blog about...YOGURT! Why not right? I have a trillion stories and other shit I need to blog about but lets start with something simple. Have y'all (I'm an undercover redneck - shhhhh!) tried Yoplait's Raspberry Cheesecake? This is the BEST yogurt in the WORLD! In the world I tell ya! So, I decided last month that I needed to go an a all day shopping spree diet. Yep, I said the forbidden word. I now weigh 10 50lbs more than I did 6 years ago. How the hell?! 

Okay, the short, fast story is that I DID go through hell in those 6 years but I made it through - so what the hell?   It was only a year of domestic violence by a fucking crazy-ass unbalanced psycho (thank God now EX)husband with PTSD, a 1200 mile move, introduction to single parent with no child support from the fucking crazy ass unbalanced psycho intro to the working world with absolutely NO work experience or skills & a high-school education, going through 3 jobs that paid minimum wage which was not enough to support my kids when I had no help from the fucking crazy ass unbalanced psycho DBD, a daughter who suddenly decided to turn her head 360 degree's and projectile vomit on me on a daily basis because she hit her teens and health issues, that because of no insurance, physically laid me up for 6 months - which I'm sure most of the weigh came from but that ended a year ago so what the hell? Its already been a year! 

An entire year since I sat down, made as much sense of my life as I could, decided to take charge, quit my minimum wage jobs, sick my attorney on DBD (we are just waiting for a court date - my motion to throw his ass in jail, along with other stuff, is all filed complete with a big red bow!) and register for college. That is something I never though I would be able to do and yes it is confusing figuring out what to do and when to do it with the placement tests, registration, advising, financial aide but I did it and with financial aid, school loans and my son's monthly ssi; I am able to support my kids 100% on my own for the first time in my life. No help from the fucking crazy ass unbalanced psycho DBD and no loans from my parents. My health problems are under control with the new doctor I got once I found health insurance; which was also a big obstacle I overcame. DBD's freedom is counting down because, after reading the my attorney filed, it would shock the shit out of me if the Judge didn't throw his ass in jail right then and there. I am half way through my 4th term in college. I am now a college sophomore with all A's & B's. And my daughter has outgrown the evil-teenage-girl-syndrome of which she was required to act like the fucking devil's spawn and is returning to the little girl I used to know and love! The world is a wonderful place again!

So, again I say: WHAT THE HELL? Normal life resumed a year ago - whats with the pounds??!! So, anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah - yogurt. So, a few months ago I decided I had better do something because these pounds obviously were not going away on their own so for the last couple months I have ate nothing but yogurt, granola and salad with low fat dressing. I will also have an apple, orange, plum or grapes for snacks and occasionally rice cakes or a veggie delite pizza's from Papa Murphy's (you HAVE to try those!) and those Sobe Lifewaters? They are awesome! So, BIG change in my eating habits and I also started going jogging everyday/every-other day. Anywhere between 4-8 miles each time. AND I'M NOT LOSING ANY WEIGHT! What the hell?! I don't have a scale but I can tell because my clothes fit exactly the same, in not (and here's the kicker) TIGHTER! I'm starting to think the raspberry cheesecake yogurt is not all that great! I'm eating like ZERO fat and jogging miles and miles and I am still the same! What am I doing wrong? Anybody?