Monday, July 26, 2010



So, my son found this site ROCKBANDPARTS.COM in May and it was advertising RockBand 2 drumsets for $24.99 each. Sounds great yeah? So, since Dakota literally destroys a set every 4 months or so cuz he's fucking, brilliantly insane on the drums - I ordered him 2 sets on May 18th. I then proceeded to NOT HEAR OR RECEIVE ANYTHING from ROCKBANDPARTS.COM except - FOUR TIMES over the next 2 months I received auto-generated emails thanking me for my purchase and informing me that the drumsets would be shipped within 24-48 hours after my purchase. I received these emails up to TWO MONTHS AFTER I had made my purchase. All my email contact to ROCKBANDPARTS.COMwent unanswered. No drums were ever received. Thankfully, I paid via Paypal. I was able to file a dispute to which ROCKBANDPARTS.COM then proceeded to refuse to repond to Paypal's contact as well. So, I escalated my dispute to a claim and, big shocker, ROCKBANDPARTS.COM still refused to respond to Paypal's contact. SOOOOO - after two months of getting sporadic auto-generated email, waiting for paid-for drumsets that were never to come and waiting thru Paypal's steps - Paypal finally refunded my money last week and I STILL have not received ANY response from ROCKBANDPARTS.COM and surprisingly, my not-so-nice "testimonial" I sent for this link on their website:
(Yeah - they actually have the picture above listed on their site)
was NEVER published. SHOCKER!! I wonder how many other unhappy customers didn't get their comments published either? I wonder just how many published comments were actually from REAL customers? So here is a WARNING to everyone out there who is tempted to purchase anything from ROCKBANDPARTS.COMDO NOT - I REPEAT - DO NOT ORDER/BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE!!!!

(credit to mykidsmightbemartians for giving me the idea to PROMOTE this site on my blog - Thx Sissy!)


  1. I've even gone the extra mile so don't anyone say I never go out of my way for someone! I emailed ROCKBANDPARTS.COM a link to my very special post about them. Wonder if that will get a response hmmmm?! *evil laugh & as Sissy would say: don't fuck with me!*

  2. You go girl! That shit is annoying and people need to let everyone know when they have a bad experience with a company!!

  3. im going through a similar situation with these jerk offs. its annoying!!!