Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just because YOU don't believe in it does NOT mean it's fake!

So, I was thinking that I'm going to start blogging again. I came to this decision after spending the last 2 days (literally the ENTIRE days) reading a few medical blogs that I follow and getting so literally PISSED OFF at the ignorant, uncaring, arrogant, can't admit when they are wrong, think stuff doesn't exist just because THEY don't believe, non-empathetic, cynical attitude of a few of the them. And I while a lot of their posts are funny, which is why I follow them, there were also a lot of post that were left me sad and in disbelief and completely shocked that people like this, these Bloggers, were actually in charge of taking care of patients who come to them for help - and then the help they receive is completely dependent on the Bloggers own, PERSONAL BELIEFS regarding the patients complaint/disease/diagnosis. 

While I understand that there are many people who abuse the system, suffer from M√ľnchhausen, lie about their symptoms/pain/history, are drug seekers on Medicaid, etc. That doesn't give people in the medical profession the right to discriminate and then end up believing the patients who TRULY DO suffer the diseases/complaints, that are often used by the formerly stated patients, are faking as well. In my opinion, I would rather treat a patient for a made up complaint than not treat a patient for a legitimate one. In other words - do what your trained and paid to do - address and treat the patient for the complaint they state; whether you feel its fake or not because when you start assuming all patients are faking - thats when the legitimate patients start to suffer. ADDITIONALLY - where does it state in your employment contract or in your nursing/college decree that you have the right to decided what already named diseases/conditions are "fake" in general and that you are completely allowed to treat and give or withhold medications and/or other treatments based on your own personal opinion?

Sorry - I had to rant! And I'm not done either - I have lots more to say but thats it for now. On another subject - immediately after logging in to my neglected Blogger account, I HAD to stop by Mejis blog and catch up a little before typing this rant - it makes me feel a little better about my life knowing that I'm not the only one living in a soap opera!

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  1. I think we should both have reality shows of our lives. At least we'd get paid for all the drama. lol