Sunday, February 13, 2011

DON'T BUY YOUR COMPUTER - OR ANYTHING ELSE - AT BEST BUY!! finally break down and buy the desktop computer with the cool (standard for today but...) flat-screen monitor - (‘’cool’’ because all you''ve ever had are those big, bulky, 100lb ones) - that you''ve been "visiting" at Best Buy (why don''t you ever learn to NOT shop at Best Buy? Its like you're retarded!) for the last week and you''re so excited cuz all you have are FOUR (why do YOU need FOUR? idk)  laptops at home and you REALLY REALLY wanted this desktop to use for your school work!

So you finally buy the computer, get it home and have your kid lug the boxes upstairs for you (thx Dakota!) then you unpack EVERYTHING, and connect EVERYTHING to EVERYTHING and turn it on and go through the MILLIONS of setup steps and new-computer-registrations just to get to the Windows home screen - then you go to get online and ... NOTHING! Hmmm - maybe its your internet? No...all FOUR laptops are connecting fine. Maybe its the Ethernet cord? No - it works for the Wii just fine. Spend the next THREE HOURS restarting, reconnecting and trying VERY HARD not to throw your new computer at the wall. 

So you call Best Buy and what do they say? "disconnect it all, pack it back up, have your kid lug it back down the stairs, bring it back in so we can connect it all back up and verify that the computer you bought ½ a day ago is BROKE". SERIOUSLY?! 

But wait! There’’s more! You "assemble" the monitor (you have to assemble them now! ha!) and it’s not the kind with the flexible neck/base that you can tilt to point the monitor screen either upward or downwards - it had a NON-flexible/tilt-able neck/base and its tilted DOWNWARDS. And you can NOT tilt it up. So it is exactly PERFECT if you have your monitor on your desk but you are sitting ON THE FLOOR! Or scrunched way down in your chair so they can kind of look up at it. Who the hell made this thing?! 

But wait - there is more still! You needed to break down and buy Microsoft Office for school so while you are at Best Buy buying your new computer, you call your campus bookstore and SPECIFICALLY ASK, BEFORE YOU DRIVE ALL THE WAY TO CAMPUS to buy Office at their "special student discount" rate, - if the "even though the price does NOT sound at all "discounted'' to you" version they had was the one that allowed for you to install on "up to THREE computers'' - not just ONE. And of course they say ''yes" and its $50 cheaper than Best Buy''s 3 computer version. AWESOME! 

So, you drive ALL THE WAY TO CAMPUS and purchase this ‘’ridiculously expensive and you think they are lying about the "discount'', software’’ and not until AFTER you purchase it do you notice that NO - it is NOT the "3 computer" version - it is only the ‘’can install on ONE computer” version, therefore, making it the EXACT SAME PRICE as Best Buy''s. Where you were JUST AT. But hey - what does it matter? The damn computer DOESN''T WORK ANYWAY! 

So, your new toy is now disconnected and repacked and waiting for your son to lug it back downstairs (sorry Dakota!) so you can drive it clear back to Best Buy where you will NOT have the choice of simply RETURNING the broken computer and RETARDED monitor unless you want to pay a RESTOCKING FEE - even when the computer is BROKE - so your ONLY choice will be to exchange it for another one, to which you are sure will include a retarded monitor as well to which you can view by sitting on the floor, and to also just SUCK UP the wasted time, gas, frustration, let down  - 

(AND will now have to cram & rush & fanatically put together your assignment that’’s due on Monday - that was the main reason you bought said computer & Microsoft Office - that you needed to work on today but couldn''t because Best Buy sold you a BROKEN P.O.S and you couldn''t waste your ONE COMPUTER INSTALLATION for Office on a broken computer that you have to exchange, and therefore, you did NOT have the Power Point program that you NEEDED to complete your assignment!) 

‎- because everyone knows Best Buy does NOT give a $hit and won‘’t offer you ANYTHING! Okay - I''m done! :)  Lesson for the day: DON''T SHOP AT BEST BUY! - Well, I feel slightly better now and no computers had to hit the wall! :) 

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  1. wow...thats all I can say...okay not really. Did you ever get it working? Got my entertainment system and cabinet from there. Spent forever getting the stupid cabinet together only to realize that it was missing the latch on the door. Not happy. Spoke to one snotty teenager that told me that I would have to bring back the whole thing before they could exchange. I pretty much told him that It would not fit back in my car now that it was assembled. So i cut him off before he could smart off to me. I said unless I take a chainsaw and send it back in pieces that was not happening. Get me your manager now. She under stood. I brought in just the door and they exchanged that part. As for the connecting all the crap up...spent hours trying to get the shit to work. But the geek squad would be happy to stop by 3 weeks later at 250 bucks to fix it. Meanwhile I would be with out TV...hell no..i figured it out on my own.