Monday, May 10, 2010


Raye is back with Blue. I knew she was being over-dramatic but she is a teenager. Blue came crawling back. Literally. He was agreeing to anything and everything to get Raye back. I told her that all these "rules" she's laying down for him (and boy is she laying down a lot of them!) go both ways and that she is not the "boss" in the relationship; there is no "boss", a relationship is give and take. A lot happened in the week or two that they have been broken-up. Blue went to Prom with his buddies and w/o Raye. Raye missed Prom Thankfully it was only her Jr. Prom. If she was a Senior; I would have dressed her and driven her there myself. No way was she missing Prom because of a high-school boyfriend! Even if she couldn't see it - I knew she'd wish she'd gone. She missed 75% of school in that 2 weeks cuz she was too upset to go or came home upset. Breaking up definitely had a negative impact on her grades/attendance. The last 2 weeks have taken a toll on me too. Its hard seeing your daughter act like the world is over. I told her she's only 17; he's just a high-school boyfriend. She told me that she was in love with him though. I don't know - do you really know what "in love" is at 17? This last week after talking to me & one of her teachers, Raye decided that she was better off w/o Blue and started to cheer up. Raye also told me, she realized that Blue didn't treat her very well, never stood up for her, put his friends before her, sometimes didn't talk nicely to her, etc; she just realized she wasn't very happy in the relationship. That made me kind of angry cuz I didn't know all this but happy that she realized it wasn't right and she was better off. Well, I guess "cheered-up Raye" bothered her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/boyfriend/ex-boyfriend because he started trying to talk to her, calling her, texting her to the point that she asked me to call him and tell him she didn't want to talk to him, which I did, and he didn't call/text anymore - that night anyway. He didn't give up though, constantly asking her for another chance, that he realized he made a mistake, can he have just 10 minutes to talk to her. Raye wasn't going to but I told her to give him the 10 minutes. I told her she'd regret it if she didn't because after awhile, he will probably give up and move on and that would be just about the time she'd realize she wanted to be with him and by that time; it would be too late - that advice was from experience. So, 10 minutes later, he was walking in our door. Raye laid down the law and I mean LAID DOWN THE LAW - you can do this, you can't do that, etc...and he agreed to it all. So, I am glad that the "we're broken up" period is over because it was so exhausting - for me! I'm amazed I survived!

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