Monday, May 24, 2010


Just spent the last 4-1/2 hours with this damn show. Sneaking in spanish homework during commercials and spent the last hour of the show bawling my eyes out. Not because I'm so damn sad that the show is ending but because it was so damn emotional. I like the way they ended it. It made everything that has happened over the last six years acceptable. And actually - if anyone remembers - Richard actually told us this, that everyone was dead, a few episodes ago. I don't think anyone believed him though. Here's what I want to know though - this is my question - where were all the darma, other's and freigter people? How come they weren't in the church? Are they dead too? Desmond and Penny weren't on the plane and they were in the church so where were these guys? Juliette, Faraday & his mother weren't on the plane either. Why are they there? Even Ben was there. And where was the pilot guy? And where was Michael? And Vincent? Why was Richard leaving the island? And who belongs to that damn shoe? I gotta go to bed!

UPDATE: Okay I am very confused at something. Did they all die in the plane crash - just hours and minutes apart - making them all die at different times - and then once they died then they lived that alternate reality until they remembered they were dead? Or did they survive the plane crash but never get rescued so they all died on the island at different times and then experienced their alternate reality lives until they remembered everything that happened on the island and then once they remembered they went to the church and waited for everyone else to get there? So then the Oceanic 6 never really left the island? Everything that happened to the Oceanic 6 never really happened? Kate never really raised Aaron? Sun never really had her baby? Sayid never really went on a killing spree? Ben never really killed Locke? And why was Penny in the church? When the heck did she die? And where did Penny come from anyway? If the Oceanic 6 never really left the island so nothing that happened after being not-rescued happened - then where did Penny even come from?? Where is the plane that pilot guy, Richard, Miles, Kate, Sawyer and Claire, were on - going? I guess I'm asking - did anyone survive the initial plane crash? Or did everything that happened after the plane crash not really happen? But I really want to know why Penny and Juliette were in the Church! And why was Ben Linus there? Where was Michael? I think the ending was awesome though. When Jack was lying there with Vincent; I thought the show was gonna come full circle. I thought he was going to get up and see the crashed plane and all the survivers walking around and that everything was going to play out all over again but I think ending the show with Jack's eye closing after beginning the show with his eye opening was brilliant. I've never, ever cried during an episode of LOST and I was crying like a fricken baby all through the episode. But seriously - WHY WERE PENNY, Desmond & JULIETTE IN THE CHURCH????

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  1. C'MON PEOPLE! Are none of my followers (Yipee!I have 26 of you now - movin'on up!) LOST junkies?? I need answers!!