Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mejis I need cheered up ~ where are you with one of your funny stories??

Okay, bEAr with me (haha ..."bear" with me...get it?? okay) this is a crazy-long rant. I am in a seriously crappy mood. I just feel like crying. My aunt, my mother's sister, is 52 and just recently moved back to our home state, and in with her elderly father, after losing her job over health problems and subsequently losing her home that she owned. She has lived in Las Vegas for the last 30 years. I was the only one in our family to follow her there and Las Vegas is where I met DBD and where my kids grew up - so my kids and I are closer to her than the rest of the family who only saw her on vacations. Along with her home she had to get rid of most of her furniture, decorations, etc...and only has a few boxes of stuff in her father's basement along with the 5 cats that came with her and her SUV that she bought last year. Since she's been here (almost a year) she has had to put one cat to sleep and another cat lives at my house; that leaves her with 3. My point being that she's losing everything bit by bit. She's filed for Social Security but was denied and is waiting on the appeal hearing - at LEAST one year from now so she has NO current or any foreseeable income. She could get a part-time job (that is allowed when applying for SS) but chooses not to. She says she can't work because she hurts too much. Yes, she does hurt but she takes medication for it and I think a lot of it is depression. My mother (her sister) has been loaning her money to pay her car payment and bills but she can no longer do that. She lives, rent free, with my grandad but she has no money, and no way to - pay her car payment, insurance or cell phone anymore since my mom stopped giving her money. These are the only bills she has. She got a sizable income tax check back earlier this year but she's blown through it. I sympathize with what she is going through because when I moved back home after my divorce 3 years ago - I had to leave everything behind too (my house, my truck, MY DOG, my furniture, appliances, etc...DBD kept it all) and I had to start all over. No money, no household items - just me, my kids and my van. So, I know how she feels but, like my daughter said (and it made me feel so good to know that my daughter recognizes and appreciates the way I got myself back together) I lost everything too and I bounced back. I did what I had to do instead of dwelling on what I'd lost. So, I have recently come into some money as I have already blogged about - money owed to me - and I was looking to buy a new car. Since Violet (my aunt) had no way to make her car payments and was going to end up loosing her SUV - I offered to take over the payments and GIVE her my van so she would at least have a vehicle. That's way more than a finance company/bank would have done. They'd have repo'd the car, left her with nothing, and still sent her a bill! I thought this would at least help her and I even offered to sell it back to her after (if) she wins her case, as well as give her an additional $2,000.

So, lets recap: a free van, $2,000 and the option to buy it back. You would think she'd be grateful right? Wrong. Everyday since I traded her my van and took her SUV (and have already made May's payment because she doesn't have the money to pay it) I have heard about what a "piece of shit" the van is, how she hates not having power windows, hates the sliding door, hates having to lock the doors one by one, thinks it over-heating, hates having a car that she has to worry about repairs on, and on and on and on. Like she doesn't realize that she's lucky she had someone to take over her SUV and give her a car. Like she's lucky she doesn't have to walk or ride the bus. Not to mention that if she hates the van so much (and it is NOT a piece of shit. It is a very nice van and there are a million cars out there that are worse. She's just used to driving a new, everything automatic and 7 years free maintenance car) why didn't she get a part-time job working just enough hours to pay the car payment?.........
My mom said give her the car back and let it be repo'd and it would be her problem that she didn't have a car. Not to mention that my mom has SERIOUS health problems and takes medication everyday in order to work. My mom has chronic pain (as does Violet) among other things and she still works everyday. I, as well, have heath problems to which I depend on medication in order to work. Raye said that Grandma and I are able to work everyday with our health problems so why can't Violet? That's a very good question. Why can't Violet? Because she doesn't want to. She wants everyone else to support her. Raye told me that she is angry about that because her and Dakota are my responsibilities and my money is for them; not her. She's right. On top of that, Violet doesn't think she should have to pay my mom (her sister) back for the 8 months my mom paid all her bills. I wonder if she realizes how ungrateful she sounds. I know she's depressed. I know she lost everything. But I was depressed after my divorce. I lost everything (well, everything material. I got what I wanted: my kids) too but I didn't sit in my house (or my father's house) and whine about it and have everyone else pay my bills! Grrrrrr! It just pisses me off that instead of saying "thank you for giving me a car, thank you for taking over payments so my car doesn't get repo'd, thank you for being willing to sell it back to me, thank you for buying my food, clothes and toiletries for the last 6 months (which I have been doing)" I'm told how much my (I guess its her's now) van is a piece of shit.

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  1. She sounds pretty damn ungrateful to me.
    Oh and I have a new post up. lol