Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good Times!!!

So, were all ready to walk out the door for school and my daughter drops her bagel...cream cheese side down of course, on the kitchen floor. Well, that does it - she says "I'm not going to school!" and I said "yes you are!"...so we all get in the car and she won't put on her seatbelt...so I don' t move...so, she finally goes to put it on...all pissed of like and it gets stuck. So, in perfect Raye fashion, she starts kicking the dashboard...where the airbag is...the airbag didn't deploy BUT she did break my front window. Nice big crack...looks like somebody punched it. Then she gets upset with herself...THEN...she tries to get out of the car...WHILE I'M MOVING...I stopped as fast as I could...while I'm hanging on to her arm at the same time...but she still fell on the road. Yes, I know...she has anger issues. SO...now we are BOTH staying home from school. I guess I'm dropping my Criminal Justice class since I'm not going to be the today on the very first day...oh, well...the book cost too much anyway. Yes, I know...she's the devil's spawn...I always suspected but she just keeps reaffirming me. And Dakota? He's in the back seat yelling "just let me out - I'll walk to school - she's psychotic"...all before 8am...GOOD TIMES!


  1. good lord! what a way to start the morning off...got any vodka? lol

  2. Yes - hard alcohol is very NEEDED in my house in the mornings!! :)

  3. Yay...I can't wait. Sadie is 7 going on 17. She is already a hard head, thanks to me letting her think she's my friend instead of my child. A common single parent mistake... Blech.